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Bob Barron

Born in County Durham, Bob Barron studied Art at Sunderland College of Art, and has spent much of his working life in the North East of England. Bob is interested in the everyday, recycling disposable materials such as corrugated cardboard into original collages. Texture is an important element in his work, and colour is used minimally as a deliberate contradiction to the high gloss of modern advertising imagery, and also to emphasise the surface and contemplative feel of the work. Bob comments; 'I collect the card from local outlets, and have no idea when I begin as to what is going to happen - the material itself dictates what is going to emerge. A finished piece can be in gestation for weeks as it is worked and reworked, frequently being abandoned and returned to at a later date'. Bob has exhibited widely in galleries throughout the UK, and his work features in the collections of several large companies, hospitals and private patrons.